Using Recipe Libraries With Desktop Insight

Learn to how to download a recipe library from your account at Insight-live and open and explore it using desktop Insight

D. Desktop Insight

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Recipe libraries are a feature new to Insight 2013-5.

From the desktop Insight help menu, choose Insight-live.
That will log me in to Insight-live (if I have my username and password set up in the preferences)
I will click the checkboxes for a few of the recipes and then choose Export as Recipe Library from the popup below the recipe list and then click the Go button.
The browser signals me that a download has arrived.
I will go back to Insight itself and choose Open XML Recipe Library file from the File menu, find it and then open it.
I can click on any of them and see a preview of the recipe in the upper right and of the notes below that.
I will close this and go back to Insight-live again, but this time I will click Advanced Search and search for batch -1. These are the reference recipes. These are the clayart recipes.
Then I will choose Export Batch as Recipe Library (from the drop down list below the menu) and click the Go button.
I will go back to desktop Insight and choose Open Recipe Library and find and open this downloaded file (it is in the downloads folder).
Now when I click on these we see much more information.
But I can also search. For example, the yellow glazes.
The search looks in the recipe name, description, notes and also in all the material in the recipe itself.
Let search for gerstley borate. They are many.
To open one of these I just need to select it and click the Open button.
Some of the materials have asterisks in front of them, I can change their lookup value so they are found in the materials database.
It is important to note that a recipe library is for reference, I cannot save this recipe back to the library.
If we look in the recipe details tab you can see that this is a new recipe. But when I click Save, it is assigned a database ID number (meaning that it got saved in Insight's internal SQL database).
To finish, we will look at the Insight instruction manual. Note that recipe libraries only work in Insight 2013-5 or new. If you want to know more, go to the page in the manual that explains them.

By Tony Hansen

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