Taking a Picture for Insight-live

How to take a picture using an iPhone, crop and resample it, save it, then upload it to a recipe.

A. Insight-live

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It is almost essential to take your pictures from a photo editing app on your phone or tablet. Why? To prepare them.
On an iPhone we use the Photogene app constantly. Take your picture from Photogene. Crop it right there to remove all the parts you do not need. Rotate and adjust colors if needed. Save to your photos (during save set the resolution to around 1024 or 1600 if the crop did not already reduce it to this size). These steps will often reduce the file-size of your photo 20-fold without loss of quality on the parts that need to be seen. When you upload in Insight-live send that cropped and adjusted image from your photos (the small size makes for a painless upload).

Another huge advantage of taking your pictures from an app like Photogene is that you can overlay blocks of text (e.g. sample numbers). You can cast a shadow from the letters to make them show up better. You can move the text around, rotate and resize it. Photogene will revolutionize your entire Insight-live experience.

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