Insight-Live Quick Overview

Using help, your account, renewal and preferences pages, the managers and panels, recipes, materials, entering a recipe, chemistry, downloading desktop Insight.

A. Insight-live

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See when the account expires on the upper right.
Click your name to edit your account and change your password.
Click the expiry date to extend your subscription.
Click the wrench/screwdriver icon to go to your preferences.
Help open automatically if you are not working on anything.
Open it using the blue icon.
How to use the help.
What are the managers and panels.
Adding a recipe. It previews, adds, edits things in panels in a panels.
Looking at the chemistry of recipes.
Search materials to get the proper names.
Searching recipes. Advanced search.
Opening a reference recipe.
Closing one or all the panels.
Removing a recipe.
How do download desktop Insight from the Files panel.

By Tony Hansen

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