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A tour around the home page. Where to start.

A. Insight-live

First Login, messaging, store and account pages, access levels, support tickets, preferences
(prepare: flashing icons using killhistory=1, close messages manager)
-I have nothing open right now so the content area of the main part of the page displays an introduction to the features of Insight-live.
(it can also display other things depending on what I am doing)
-Across the top I have the general tool bar, and that will almost always be visible
-Down the left are the various managers
-For example, the recipe manager is open by default.
I have no recipes, so you might be wondering why there is a search.
But we will find out about that in a minute.
The recipe manager has its own toolbar.
The icons I see in the toolbars depend on my level of access or what I am doing.
For example, export requires at least premium membership status, but I do not have that
-Lets check, I am going to click the STORE icon here: and this is where I see what my status is
It says I am a basic member.
Below that I can see a chart that shows the differences between the levels and at the
bottom of that chart I can purchase a higher level of membership if I want to
I am going to go back home, and notice the flashing icons here, they are trying to get my attention because I am new.
And down here in the messages section the blinking red light is telling me that there is a message that I have not read
Now I can see messages from, and to me, on this list. And I can see who who SENT each
When all components of a thread have been read (either by me or my recipient) the title is going to be shown in italics
It is not italic here so it means that I have not read it yet
Of course to read it I just need to click on it and there will be a respond button there
I can COMPOSE a message using the button at the top here (and I can sent that to another insight-live user).
I will click on that. But notice it says you must be logged in as a group member to compose messages.
Unfortunately I am not a group member.
Now the messaging system is internal, it does not depend on THE email system, although a notification is sent when I send a message to someone else
So I will close this.

By Tony Hansen

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