How to Enter a Recipe Into Insight-live

Learn how to add a recipe, title it, add lines and change them, set lines to added status, enter notes and pictures and print a mix ticket

A. Insight-live

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Start with an empty account at
Click the Add button in the recipe manager.
Click the blue Edit button in the recipe panel and name the glaze Cone 04 Glossy Blue and save it.
Add a recipe line: Gerstley Borate, 50. Click Done Editing.
Click show chemistry. Click the Gerstley Borate and compare the materials chemistry with the calculation chemistry in the recipe.
Click Edit again and add 3 more lines: EPK 30, Silica 20, Cobalt 1.
Click Done Editing and not the red footnote warning that a material was not recognized.
It is the cobalt.
Search cobalt in the materials manager to find the proper name.
Edit the recipe and fix the cobalt and check the chemistry.
Edit again and click the Show More Options link. Set the cobalt to phantom status (not participant in the chemistry) and click the Added checkbox.
Click the Notes edit button and enter a note and close and save that panel.
Note where to upload a picture.
Print a mix ticket for 1500 grams without showing the chemistry.

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    Insight-Live is an OnLine ceramic recipe, material and test results management system used by potters and ceramic engineers and technicians. It is a product of Digitalfire Corporation and has been in operation since 2012. The site builds on the traditional desktop Insight (for Windows, Linux, Macint...

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