Digitalfire Desktop INSIGHT Overview Part 2

Part two of a complete tour. It includes using targets, setting calculation types, entering recipe notes and details, SQLite and a review the menus.

D. Desktop Insight

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Using target formulas, the calculated items list (showing formula weight, expansion, ratios, LOI, totals), setting calculation type, choose a materials database, choosing an expansion set, recipe notes, recipe details tab, the pictures tab and its controls and notes, a typical Insight session, the Insight data folder and the files it contains, the File menu, saving recipes to the database or file system, the Report menu, examples of reports, the Edit menu, the Utility menu, SQLite files, the Overrides/Typecodes dialog, the Calc menu (for entering formulas, rounding, retotaling, imposing an LOI).

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  • (Glossary) Digitalfire Insight

    A desktop application for Windows, Linux, Macintosh that you download and install. Insight is a classic glaze chemistry calculator. -It interactively converts recipes to formulas and back. The main Insight window shows side-by-side recipes and their formulas, you can make chemistry changes to one...

By Tony Hansen

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