Desktop Insight MDT: Adding a Material

Shows four different ways to add materials to the desktop Insight materials database (MDT)

D. Desktop Insight

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This video was made for a specific customer, but is of general interest to anyone having problems with adding materials to the Insight MDT or encountering what they perceive as problems.

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  • (Glossary) MDT

    MDT is an acronym for Materials Definition Table. It is the materials database of Digitalfire Insight glaze chemistry software. It is called a table because Insight reads it into memory from an XML file at program startup and forms and internal data structure of material rows and oxide columns. It r...

  • (Project) INSIGHT MDT Files

    Learn about the contents of the INSIGHT MDT files on these pages. To visit your personal MDT building page click here ( you can also click the Download MDT link at the top of ...

  • (Glossary) Digitalfire Insight

    A desktop application for Windows, Linux, Macintosh that you download and install. Insight is a classic glaze chemistry calculator. -It interactively converts recipes to formulas and back. The main Insight window shows side-by-side recipes and their formulas, you can make chemistry changes to one...

By Tony Hansen

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