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Hafnium Oxide Toxicty

Identification :
Synonym: Hafnium Dioxide
Formula: HfO2
CAS # 12055-23-1
Source :
Hafnium (Hf) is found in association with zirconium ores, production based on zircon (ZrSiO4) concentrates which contain 0.5% to 2% hafnium. This metal has outstanding corrosion resistance accounting for some of its major applications.
Compounds used in Ceramics :
-Hafnium Boride,
-Hafnium Carbide,
-Hafnium Nitride,
-Hafnium Oxide,
-Hafnium Silicate,
-Hafnium Titanate.
Toxicology of Hafnium Oxide :
Routes of Entry :
Inhalation, skin, and ingestion.
Effects of Overexposure :
I-Inhalation :
May cause pulmonary irritation. Coughing or sneezing may occur.
II-Dermal/Eye Contact :
May cause irritation, inflammation may occur.
III-Ingestion :
Ingestion may cause some discomfort. Hafnium is considered relatively non-toxic due to poor absorption of it in the alimentary tract of mammals.
Chronic Exposure :
It may cause liver damage.
It may also cause a benign pneumoconiosis by dust accumulation, without fibrosis and ventilatory effect, and without special predisposition to tuberculosis and/or lung cancer as encountered in silicosis and abestosis.
Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure :
Previous respiratory and eye disorders.
Carcinogenicity :
Hafnium oxide is not considered a carcinogen by official regulatory bodies.
Quebec's Exposure Limits :
VEMP : 0.5 mg/m³
References :
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Edouard Bastarache M.D.
Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Author of "Substitutions for Raw Ceramic Materials"
Tracy, Québec, CANADA


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