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Copolymer Latex Precautions

These are the instructions provided with one product:

Chemical Name: Self crosslinking polymer
Family: Copolymer latex

Ethylene oxide: 0.0001%
Vinyl acetate/latex: 0.25%
Formaldehyde: 0.08%

Boiling Point: 212F
Vapor Pressure: 17.5
Vapor Density: 0.7
Specific Gravity: 1.05
Percent Volatile by Volume: 0.35%
Solubility in Water: Complete
Appearance: White emulsion with sweet odor
Flash Point: none however dried film will burn
Extinguishing Media: water/foam/CO2 or dry chemical
Fire Hazards: When burning irritating vapors are released
Effects of Overexposure: Irritation by contact with skin or inhalation unlikely.
Spill Procedure: Wipe/absorb with sand, small spills may be flushed with water. Ventilate area if spill is greater than 2 gallons.

For constant use, use a dual cartridge respirator for organic vapors. Use exhaust fan for indoor use.

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