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Cesium Toxicology

Identification and Uses :
CAS number : 20281-00-9
Molecular formula : CS2O
Uses and Emission Sources :
-Inorganic material.
-glassmaking-crystal manufacture
Toxicology :
I-Mode of Entry :
II-Effets of Overexposure :
This product is a severe corrosive to :
- skin,
- eyes,
- mucous membranes,
It may cause a chemical pneumonitis.
Carcinogenicity :
It is not considered carcinogenic by many regulatory bodies.
First Aid :
I-Eyes : Immediately flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes.
II-Skin : Wash the affected area with soap and water for at least 5 minutes.
III-Inhalation : Remove the victim to fresh air and seek medical attention if coughing or shortness of breath or irritation persists.
IV-Ingestion : Give victim plenty of water and seek medical attention.
References :
1-Occupational Medicine,Carl Zenz, last edition.
2-Clinical Environmental Health and Toxic Exposures, Sullivan & Krieger; last edition.
3-Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials, Lewis C., last edition.
4-Toxicologie Industrielle et Intoxications Professionnelles, Lauwerys R.R. last edition.
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Edouard Bastarache M.D.
Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Author of "Substitutions for Raw Ceramic Materials"
Tracy, Québec, CANADA


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