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Wood Firing

A firing technique used by necessity in many countries and by choice in others. In a properly designed kiln wood is capable of delivering high temperatures so it is possible to make stoneware and porcelain. The kiln chamber in a wood kiln subjects the ware to alot of ash and smoke and this profoundly affects its appearance. It is possible to fire pieces without glaze and the products of combustion of the wood will deliver enough fluxes to fuse the surface of the clay in a glaze-like manner.

Wood fired test samples. Made in the Medalta kiln in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

Example of flashing on ware from a Manabigama wood fired kiln

From Robert Self. This firing went past cone 13. The body is Laguna Speckstone.

Redart-as-a-glaze wood-fired on Laguna B-Mix

Fired to cone 13 in a Manabigama wood fired kiln.

Example of flashing from wood firing

Made by Robert Self. This is Laguna White Stoneware body fired to cone 13 in a Manabigama wood fired kiln.

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