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Slip Trailed Decoration

A method of decoration where slip is trailed over the leather hard clay in a manner similar to cake decoration.

Incised decoration (left) vs. slip trailed decoration (right)

Incised decoration (left) vs. slip trailed decoration (right)

Both are highlighted by Alberta Slip GA6-A glaze on these cone 6 oxidation fired mugs.

Cone 6 porcelain decorated via slip trailing

Cone 6 porcelain decorated via slip trailing

A transparent glaze appears to have been colored using green, blue and red stains. The slip is the porcelain itself. Made by Laura Vanderlinde.

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  • (Glossary) Incised decoration

    Incised decoration is carved into leather hard ware. It is often highlighted by cutting through a slip of contrasting color to the body or by glazing the ware using a glaze that changes color or crystallizes on edges of contours (where the glaze layer is thinner). Many tools are available for this.

By Tony Hansen

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