•The secret to cool bodies and glazes is a lot of testing.
•The secret to know what to test is material and chemistry knowledge.
•The secret to learning from testing is documentation.
•The place to test, do the chemistry and document is an account at https://insight-live.com
•The place to get the knowledge is https://digitalfire.com

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Production Setup

Only experienced workers to start
With good machines

First: the raw materials for body ( red clay, ball clay, white clay, pot. Feldspare, sod. Feldspar, Sand and calcium carbonte)
Second: in which type of product, depending on the Market research
Third: a deal with a production machines producer ex: Saccmi

Fourth: a deal with designing team

Fifth: a deal with a glaze producer ex: Torracid to give you glazes with thermal expansion and conditions fit to your bodies

These just as a start

By Tony Hansen

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