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Lustre Colors

Common materials used in lustres are stannous chloride, barium chloride, barium chloride, sodium chloride, bismuth subnitrate, silver, gold, and platinum. We do not provide a definition here however you can look for these books:

Ceramic Colours and Pottery Decoration by Kenneth Shaw, published by Maclaren and Sons Ltd., London, 1962, reissued 1968.
Lustres by Margery Clinton, published by BT Basford Ltd. London, 1991. This book covers how to make and use lustres.

In Bound Links

  • (Glossary) Overglaze

    'Onglaze' decoration can refer to two very different processes. The first involves the application of liquids applied onto the fired glaze surface. These include china paints, lusters, gold, and other metallics. They are fired on at very low temperatures, compared to normal glaze-melting temperature...

By Tony Hansen

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