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Kaki (persimmon) glazes are high fired reduction transparents with a generous supply of iron oxide (12% or more) which forms a microcrystalline surface. If cooled correctly they exhibit "red" coloration. The atmosphere during cooling should be reduction. The iron content of the body and level of reduction affect the fired results. Tenmoku glazes are closely related, however they have less iron oxide (around 10%) so that crystallization occurs on the edges of pieces.

Cone 10 reduction fired transparent glaze with 12% iron oxide

Cone 10 reduction fired transparent glaze with 12% iron oxide

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  • (Glossary) Tenmoku

    A reduction fired glaze having about 10-12% iron oxide that fires to a highly glossy deep maroon to black. Tenmokus normally break to iron-red crystallized areas where thinner and thus work well to visually highlight incised decoration or abrupt contours. Tiny yellow iron silicate crystals adorn thi...

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