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Ink Jet Printing

Inkjet equipment and inks are now big business in ceramics, a renaissance in decoration. At this time this page is just a jumping point to others.

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  • (Glossary) Ceramic Ink

    Ceramic inks are simply carriers of ceramic fine particled metallic oxide pigments (not raw colorants but prefired stain powders) that are used in automatic application techniques. Inks must have a physical consistency suitable for producing fine detail, this requires that they be suspended in a med...

  • (Glossary) Silk screen printing

    Screen printing is a popular technique used to reproduce single or multi-color designs for ceramics and pottery. It has long been used in the sign painting and garment industries. In the process, a frame having a tightly stretched silk fabric holds an inking blocking stencil and a squeegee is used t...

  • (Glossary) Decal

    A method of printing designs (using ceramic inks) onto a transparent film, then transferring that to glazed ware. The film has a glue that holds it to a heavy opaque paper backing coated with a glossy release layer. On wetting (for the correct amount of time), the glue loosens and enables the transf...

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