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Alkalies are the strong base fluxing oxides of Na2O and K2O. Feldspars are by far the most common alkali sourcing materials, thus the term 'alkali feldspars'. However frits are also an excellent source and sometimes the only alternative to meet the chemistry requirements (e.g. low alumina and high Na2O). Glazes high in these oxides generally are glossy and bright and have high thermal expansions.

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  • (Oxides) Na2O - Sodium Oxide, Soda
  • (Oxides) K2O - Potassium Oxide

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  • (Glossary) Alkaline Earths

    Glaze chemistry models fired glazes as constructed of oxides decomposed from the materials in the recipe. Fired properties of glazes (like melting temperature, thermal expansion, surface character, even color) are a product of the oxide makeup (the chemistry). Oxides are grouped in various ways to s...

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