C04PLTP Firing Schedule

Plainsman Typical Cone 04

Four-step to 1940F with short hold and free-fall

Start temperature assumed: 25°C
Step Rate to Temp °C Rate
To °F Hold Accum
1 100°C/hr to 100 180 212 60min 2:02  
2 150°C/hr to 960 270 1760 0 7:46  
3 100°C/hr to 1060 180 1940 5min 8:51  
4 Freefall°C/hr to 30   86   8:51  
*Rates are expressed as "Celcius/Fahrenheit degrees", temperatures as "Degrees celcius/fahrenheit"

In the Plainsman lab we have standardized on a simple firing curve for test specimens that provides a soak for final drying and then proceeds to 100 degrees below the final temperature at 400 degrees per hour, then slows to 100 degrees per hour for the final stage. The cool is freefall. Of course, depending on the kiln used, the rate-of-rise might be slower, especially in the later stages.

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