Plainsman Cone 6 Electric Standard

Start temperature assumed: 75°F
Step Rate to Temp °C Rate
To °F Hold Accum
1 55°C/hr to 104 100 220 60min 2:27  
2 166°C/hr to 945 300 1733 0 7:29  
3 60°C/hr to 1190 108 2175 15min 11:50  
4 83°C/hr to 1135 150 2075 30min 13:00  
*Rates are expressed as "Celcius/Fahrenheit degrees", temperatures as "Degrees celcius/fahrenheit"

This is for a Cone-Art 2818D kiln with an exhaust fan on at start of firing.

Use this for the best possible results for transparent glazes and glossy glazes where you do not want any crystallization.

If the kiln is full, lengthen the first step hold time to drive out all residual or remaining water from body and glaze (depending on the ventilation in your kiln). This schedule assumes that a good bisque has been done.

If Cone 6 has fallen too much drop the temperature for ramps 2 & 3 10 degrees F.

If cone 6 still does not completely fall (e.g. you fire heavy loads), increase the hold time in Step 3 by 5 minute increments.

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