C6PLST Firing Schedule

Plainsman Cone 6 Electric Standard

Start temperature assumed: 75°F
Step Rate to Temp °C Rate
To °F Hold Accum
1 55°C/hr to 104 100 220 60min 2:27  
2 166°C/hr to 945 300 1733 0 7:29  
3 60°C/hr to 1201 108 2195 15min 12:01  
4 83°C/hr to 1146 150 2095 30min 13:11  
*Rates are expressed as "Celcius/Fahrenheit degrees", temperatures as "Degrees celcius/fahrenheit"

This is for a Cone-Art 2818D kiln with an exhaust fan on at start of firing.

Use this for the best possible results for transparent glazes and glossy glazes where you do not want any crystallization.

If the kiln is full, lengthen the first step hold time to drive out all residual or remaining water from body and glaze (depending on the ventilation in your kiln). This schedule assumes that a good bisque has been done.

If Cone 6 has fallen too much drop the temperature for ramps 2 & 3 10 degrees F.

If cone 6 still does not completely fall (e.g. you fire heavy loads), increase the hold time in Step 3 by 5 minute increments.

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  • (Recipes) G2587 - Floating Blue Cone 5-6 Original Glaze Recipe

    Floating Blue is a classic cone 6 pottery glaze recipe from David Shaner. Because of the high Gerstley Borate content it is troublesome, difficult. But there are alternatives.

    2004-03-12 -

    This has been used by thousands of potters over the years, it was originally popularized by James Chappell in the book The Potter's Complete Boo...

  • (Recipes) GR6-D - Ravenscrag Cone 6 Glossy Black

    2005-02-21 - Consider trying 6-8% Mason 6666 to stain this base instead of these three raw colorants. You can also make a very good black from our G2926B plus the ...

  • (Recipes) GR6-C - Ravenscrag Cone 6 White Glossy

    Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip based white glossy glaze. It can be found among others at http://ravenscrag.com.

    2005-02-21 - A white base glaze with all the advantages of Ravenscrag Slip base GR6-A. It is not drab-looking like a porcelain toilet, but is vibrant and interesti...

  • (Recipes) G1215U - Low Expansion Glossy Clear Cone 6

    A recipe sourcing high MgO (from Ferro Frit 3249) to produce a low expansion glass resistant to crazing on lower silica porcelains.

    2003-12-18 - The original impetus to create this recipe was to reduce the thermal expansion of the G1214M and G1215W recipes to work better on porcelains (the othe...

  • (Recipes) G1214M - Original Cone 6 Base Glossy Glaze

    A recipe developed by Tony Hansen in the 1980s. Its was popular because of the simplicity of the recipe and how well it worked with chrome-tin stains.

    2003-12-17 - This is also known as the 20x5 recipe. It was developed during the early 1980s to demonstrate principles of glaze chemistry in creating a glaze base s...

  • (Recipes) GA6-A - Alberta Slip Cone 6 Amber Base Glaze

    An amber-colored glaze that produces a clean, micro bubble free transparent glass on brown and red burning stonewares.

    2003-12-12 - This is the base cone 6 Alberta Slip recipe. The 20% frit makes it melt well to form a transparent amber glossy. Frit 3134 has traditionally been ...

  • (Recipes) GR6-B - Ravenscrag Cone 6 Variegated Light Glossy Blue

    Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at http://ravenscrag.com.

    0000-00-00 - This produces a variegated light medium blue glaze that breaks greenish over edges. This glaze is very consistent and has very good working properties...

  • (Recipes) g2851H - Ravenscrag Cone 6 High Calcium Matte Blue

    Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at http://ravenscrag.com.

    2003-12-18 - This glaze is temperature sensitive. It requires a slow cool down to allow crystals to grow. If the kiln cools too quickly you will get a glossy gla...

  • (Schedules - Related) Plainsman Electric Bisque Firing Schedule

    - UnDescribed

  • (Recipes) G1214Z - Cone 6 Silky Matte

    This glaze was born as a demonstration of how to use chemistry to convert a glossy cone 6 glaze into a matte.

    2003-06-10 - This is a calcium matte. As such, it develops its visual effect by the crystallization of calcium silicates (which depends on the melt being quite flu...

  • (Recipes) GR6-A - Ravenscrag Cone 6 Clear Glossy Base

    This Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip base is just the pure material with 20% added frit to make it melt to a glossy natural clear.

    2003-07-21 - This is the base cone 6 Ravenscrag recipe, it fires as a transparent glossy. It has an addition of the most common North American borate frit, enough ...

  • (Recipes) GA6-G - Alberta Slip Lithium Brown Cone 6

    Plainsman Cone 6 Alberta Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at http://albertaslip.com.

    2003-12-12 - One of the most popular Albany Slip glazes was 11% lithium, 4% Tin and 85% Albany Slip. A portion of the Alberta Slip must be milled or the glaze will...

  • (Recipes) GR6-E - Ravenscrag Cone 6 Raspberry Glossy

    A chrome-tin burgundy glaze using the Ravenscrag cone 6 base recipe.

    2005-02-21 - Chrome-tin (either from the raw materials or a stain) pink and red glazes can be difficult to achieve and keep consistent at cone 6. In ceramics, red ...

  • (Recipes) GR6-F - Ravenscrag Cone 6 High Alumina Matte

    Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at http://ravenscrag.com.

    2003-12-18 - This is a high alumina matte glaze and is a favorite. It is not temperature sensitive and produces good results at cone 5, 6 and 7 (medium blue surfac...

  • (Recipes) G1214W - Cone 6 Transparent Base

    A cone 6 base clear glaze recipe developed by deriving a recipe from a formula taken as an average of limit formulas

    2003-06-21 - More information is available in the articles section at the Digitalfire Reference Database.

  • (Recipes) GR6-H - Ravenscrag Cone 6 Oatmeal Matte

    Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip glaze. See more at ravenscrag.com.

    2003-07-21 - Note: For use as a straight glaze We are recommending GA6-F Alberta Slip oatmeal glaze instead, it looks better and has a better melt. Alberta ...

  • (Recipes) GA6-G1 - Alberta Slip Lithium Brown Cone 6 Low Expansion

    Plainsman Cone 6 Alberta Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at http://albertaslip.com.

    2013-06-04 - The regular Alberta Slip lithium brown recipe crazes on porcelain. This one was formulated to maintain the appearance but reduce the thermal expansion...

  • (Recipes) G2928C - Ravenscrag Silky Matte for Cone 6

    Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at http://ravenscrag.com.

    2014-02-20 - This works well on Plainsman M340, but especially on a whiteware like M370. Produces an ivory white with some fleck. The surface is very silky, remini...

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