Plainsman Cone 10R Firing

Start temperature assumed: 25°C
Step Rate to Temp °C Rate
To °F Hold Accum
1 10°C/hr to 120 18 248 0 12:23 Heat up overnight on pilots
2 50°C/hr to 550 90 1022 0 20:59  
3 100°C/hr to 980 180 1796 0 25:17  
4 50°C/hr to 1300 90 2372 0 31:41 Start light reduction beginning of this step
5 0°C/hr to 1300   2372 30min 31:41 Oxidation this step, but with no temperature rise
6 Freefall°C/hr to 30   86   31:41  
*Rates are expressed as "Celcius/Fahrenheit degrees", temperatures as "Degrees celcius/fahrenheit"

Every gas kiln is different so this schedule may not work for you. Our kiln can rise while reducing so we do not do a separate body and glaze reduction with an oxidation climb between. We soak for half an hour in oxidation at the end.

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