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Making Glaze Testing Cones

Section: Glazes, Subsection: General


A standard shape and size of glaze test is important to be able to compare one test with another, especially over time (so that old tests look the same as new ones)

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Joe Schmidt, lab technician at Plainsman Clays, has developed a glaze testing cone that is very practical. Perhaps more important, it is a standard shape and size that is always used, this serves very well for comparison and documentation purposes.


Steps to make these:

When dipping these in glaze consider the following:


Click here for a PDF file pattern that you can print out.

Preparing to make a glaze testing cone: cutting around the pattern.

Making a glaze testing cone: applying the slip for the join.

Making a glaze testing cone: finishing the join.

Making a glaze testing cone: Incising the surface to provide variation.

Making a glaze testing cone: Stamping an identification.

An example of the value of a good glaze testing sample. These are made at Plainsman Clays in Alberta, Canada.

By Tony Hansen

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