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Making a Plaster Table

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Make your own plaster table. One person can pour a 350 lb plaster table in two hours.

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Below are a series of pictures showing how I re-poured the 350 lb plaster slab into a frame that my father made for Luke Lindoe 40 years ago. That frame showed no signs of rot, he had treated it with a preservative. The construction is ingenious, the 1x12 outer cap is fastened very securely to the 4x4 legs and the inner 2x4s are secured to it. It is very strong, it withstood alot of my banging on it with a big hammer and chisel to get the old slab out of there. This type of frame gave me a lot of flexibility during the pour. I was able to do it alone in a couple of hours. I poured 2-bag batches in succession, the previous just barely setting before I poured the next. I had a 20 gallon plastic container on wheels, so I could power-mix it by our dust hood and wheel in to the table and use a bucket to empty it into the frame.

Plaster table frame (after removing previous plastic slab)

Detail of the corner construction of the plaster table frame.

Inside detail of the construction of the plaster table frame.

A table frame almost ready to fill with a 7-bag plaster mix

A plaster table frame with cardboard retainers stapled in place and ready for the plastic liner. This will hold a 350 pound plaster slab that will absorb 100 lbs of water with no problem. More pictures of how the table is made is in the article.

Plaster table frame with cardboard retainers stapled in place (underside).

Plaster table with tape-covered carboard liners around the outer edge.

Plaster table with plastic in place, ready to pour.

Plaster table poured and read to dry.

Make a super durable mobile plaster table

This is an example of a plaster table on wheels made using angle iron. 150 lbs plaster and 92 lbs water were poured onto the plastic (which was supported by cardboard attached below). This one uses Duramold pottery plaster.

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By Tony Hansen

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