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Fighting the Glaze Dragon

Section: Glazes, Subsection: Introduction


At Digitalfire we promote the idea of understanding and formulating your own glazes so you have control rather than relying on suppliers or the trade in glaze recipes.

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With a S-W-O-R-D

Software and the Internet

Internet resources for ceramics are growing every day. You can participate in discussions with thousands of people many of whom have years of experience. Check our links page for a springboard into the ceramic internet, use the search field on our home page to search the resources of this site.

Ancient potters prayed to the kiln god to watch over their firings, today they would likely take advantage of available technology.

Abandon Obsolete Thinking

In past we had glaze books filled with cantankerous recipes. Now it is better to have only a few base glazes and adjust these to produce all the needed effects. You should be able to draw a 'family tree' of all your recipes showing how they interrelate and the rationalization for specific alterations.

Good Record-keeping

Determination for Technical Excellence

You might consider The Potters Prayer (see links) if our solutions do not work!

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By Tony Hansen

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