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Ceramic Art and Industry Periodicals

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A list of ceramic industry and art magazines from around the world

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Calle Frias #571 Colonia Artesanos Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Tel/fax: 52-(3)-826-6752 Tel/fax: 52-(3)-827-0743 Tel: 52-(3)-100-7798
eMail: ceramite@foreigner.class.udg.mx
Web Address: http://www.ceramitec.com/

An on-line web ceramics magazine for the hobby casting industry in Spanish and English. This is where publishing is going!

Interceram International Buyers' Guide

Verlag Schmid GMBH
P.O. Box 66 09 D-7800, Freiburg, West Germany FAX +49-761-84863

An alphabetical product, materials, equipment and company world directory for ceramic industries of all types. (ISSN 0020-5214)

International Ceramics

Euromoney Publications Plc
Contract Communications Ltd, Nestor House, Playhouse Yard, London, EC4V 5EX, UK

A high quality bi-annual review of ceramic processing and manufacturing techniques. This company also publishes the International Glass Review.

Ceramic Suppliers International

Verlag Schmid GMBH
P.O. Box 66 09 D-78042, Freiburg, West Germany FAX +49-761-8 48 63

A glossy indexed directory covering suppliers worldwide. Deals with everything from plant construction to raw materials and environmental protection. Similar to Ceramic Industry Annual Databook but with a wider focus.

Ceramic Industry Annual Data Book

Cahners Publications
275 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02158 USA

A well organized and indexed directory for the refractories, traditional and advanced ceramic industries. It includes sections for manufactured materials, batch preparation, material storage and handling, decorating, kilns, refractories, instrumentation, test equipment, structural products and engineering services.

Ceramic Industry Annual Materials Handbook

Business News Publishing Co.
775 W. Big Beaver Rd., SUITE 1000, TROY, Mich. 48084-4900 USA
Editorial Offices: 5900 Harper Rd., Suite 109, SOLON, OH 44139-1835

An alphabetical dictionary of ceramic materials, with detailed description of the uses and sources for each. This is one handy book!

Pottery in Australia

Box 937, 68 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW 2065 Australia
Phone 02 901 3353 FAX 02 436 1681 Email potinaus@ozemail.com.au

A trade publication for ceramic artists and art education institutions (ISSN 0048-4954) (The people there have been great in any dealings we have had).


8601 Warden Avenue, Box 56599, Markham, Ontario Canada L3R 0M6

This magazine was published for many years by the Alberta Potter's Association and was a showcase for many Canadian ceramic artists. Then it was reborn as a North American magazine and published for a couple of years and then shut down.

Honoho Geijitsu

Abe Corporation, 4-30-12 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 153
Tel: 03-3715-2036 (Japanese only) Fax: 03-3719-2331

We don't know much about this but understand it is a high quality magazine about Japanese ceramic art.

Ceramics, Art and Perception
Ceramics Technical

35 William Street, Paddington, Sydney, NSW 2021 Australia
Telephone 02 361 5286 Fax 02 361 5402

The first is a quarterly glossy high quality magazine similar to Ceramics Monthly. The editor, Janet Mansfield, is well travelled and keeps herself up-to-date on what is happening. The second deals with technical issues.

Kerameiki Techni

Kostas Tarkassis, Editor
P.O Box 80653, Piraeus 18510 Greece
Telephone 30 1 4114322 FAX 30 1 4114322
web: http://www.starcard.com/kerameiki Email:kerameiki@otenet.gr

Published three times a year in two separate editions (one Greek one English) with articles and reviews that cover the international contemporary ceramics scene. Illustrated in full colour-high quality printing.

Ceramics Monthly

American Ceramic Society
735 Ceramic Place, Box 6102, Westerville, OH 43086-6102 USA
Phone 614-523-1660 FAX 614-891-8960 Web:

A long time trade publication for ceramic artists and art education institutions (about $25/year). A high quality magazine that emphasizes design and contemporary ceramic art topics.

Potterymaking Illustrated

American Ceramic Society
potterymaking@acers.org, website: http://www.potterymaking.org

A new quarterly magazine just for potters, professional or amateur, student or instructor. Filled with practical information, well-illustrated techniques and easy-to-follow instructions on all aspects of pottery, such as throwing, handbuilding, firing, clays, glazes, tools, equipment and marketing.

Clay Times

P.O. Box 365, Waterford, VA 22190
Phone 540-882-3576 FAX 540-882-4196
Email: PBeach1052@aol.com Web:

A recently introduced magazine that has quickly gained popularity ($25/year). It is not as large as Ceramics Monthly but targets technical and practical issues more than Ceramics Monthly.

American Ceramics

9 East 45 Street, New York, NY 10017
Phone 212-661-4397 FAX 212-661-2389

No information available on the nature of this magazine.

Canadian Ceramics Quarterly

Canadian Ceramic Society, 2175 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 110
Willowdale, Ontario M2J 1W8 Canada FAX 416-491-1670

A bulletin to members of the Canadian Ceramic Society which publishes papers from assorted Canadian and International scientists, companies and research facilities. (ISSN 0831-2974)

American Ceramic Society Bulletin

The American Ceramic Society, 757 Brooksedge Plaza Dr.
Westerville, OH 43081-6136 USA

A bulletin to members of the American Ceramic Society which publishes papers from scientists, companies and research facilities. This mag has a very wide international scope and readership.

American Glass Review

P.O. Box 2147, 1115 Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ 07015 USA

A trade publication for the Glass industry.


Ceramica, Apartado De Correos 7008, Paseo Acadias, 9, 28005 Madrid SPAIN

A trade publication for ceramic artists and art education institutions. The editor, Antonio Vivas has treated us great. I hope some day to meet him in person.

Studio Potter

P.O. Box 70, Goffstown, NH 03045 USA 603-774-3582

A trade publication for ceramic artists and art education institutions (about $25/year). This magazine has no advertising, just article after article. They also put out an events newsletter which has ads. These people run on pure dedication and have a quality product which has acted as a forum for ground-breaking articles on both form and function, people and places, historical and contemporary events.

Studio Potter Network Newsletter

same as above

Available only to pottery groups.

Fusion Magazine

The Ontario Clay and Glass Association
140 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1C2 Canada

A magazine about the ceramic artists and their work and events in Ontario, Canada.

New Zealand Potter

P.O. Box 881, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone 09 415 9817 FAX 09 309 3247

No information available about the nature of this magazine.


Zoutlaan 33, 4731 MH Oudenbosch, THE NETHERLANDS
http://www.nvk-keramiek.nl  email: Gerard Bisschop at administratie@nvk-keramiek.nl 

Published in Dutch since 1974 by the Dutch Potter's Association (NVK - Nederlandse Vakgroep Keramisten). The subscription rate for the Netherlands is 62.50 guilders, all other countries 80 guilders (about $50 US). From outside Europe Postal Money orders are best, as credit cards are not accepted, and personal checks are very expensive to cash.

New Ceramics

German with English subtitled and summaries
Unter de Eichen 90, D-12205 Berlin
Phone 30 8312953 FAX 8316281

No information available on the nature of this magazine.


Marterlaan 13, 6705 CK Wageningen, THE NETHERLANDS

"Klei" ("clay") is a commercial magazine since 1981. It appears 6 times per year, subscription rate for the Netherlands is 32.50 guilders. This magazine allows no subscriptions in other countries.

Ceramic Review

Ceramic Review Publishing, Craft Potters Association of Great Britain
William Blake House, Marshall Street, London W1V 1PH
Editorial offices: Ceramic Review, 21 Carnaby Street, London W1V 1PH England

A bi-monthly trade publication for British Ceramic artists and art educators (35 UKP/year). A high quality periodical with an international flavour. The editor, Emmanuel Cooper, has written lots of books, and has always had time to correspond with us. Highly recommended. (ISSN 0144-1825)


Verlag Schmid GMBH, P.O. Box 6609, D-7800 Freiburg, West Germany
FAX +49-761-84863

The major ceramic industry trade publication of Europe. These guys even have advertising on the front cover!

Ceramic Industry

Business News Publishing Co.
775 W. Big Beaver Rd., SUITE 1000, TROY, Mich. 48084-4900 USA
Editorial Offices: 5900 Harper Rd., Suite 109, SOLON, OH 44139-1835

The major ceramic industry trade publication for North America. A glossy, high quality showcase of industries, products and technology. Also includes insert Brick and Clay Record. (ISSN 0009-0220)

Ceramic Industries International Directory

Turret Group plc
Turret House, 171 High Street, Rickmansworth, Herts. WD3 1SN, England

A technical publication for the whiteware, tableware, sanitaryware, heavy clay and refractories industries. Also published as a bi-monthly magazine.

Industrial Minerals

16 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RJ FAX 071 337 8943

This is an excellent magazine about ceramic minerals and the companies who mine and process them. It is published in multiple languages and read around the world.

Powder and Bulk Engineering

CSC Publishing, 1300 East 66th St., MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55423

A showcase for companies manufacturing equipment to mix, transport, store, slurry, and process powders. Although probably not of use to smaller operators, this magazine is very useful for larger companies dealing with the unique challenges of processing clay products (ISSN 0897-6627).

Raw Materials for the Ceramic Industry

Industrial Minerals, Park House, Park Terrace, Worcester Park
Surrey KT4 7HY England

First published in 1987, it provides technical and buying information on ceramic materials for glass and ceramics from around the world.

NCECA Journal

C/O Regina Brown, Executive Secretary, PO Box 158, Brandon, OR 97411

A bulletin to members of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts in the US. These guys sponsor the annual NCECA conference where art educators and artists gather yearly in a big bash. Their address can change with new directors.

Ceramic Technology International

Sterling Publications Ltd.
Box 799, Brunel House, 57 North Wharf Road, London W2 1XR U.K.

The premier issue of this yearly glossy and impressive publication appeared in 1992 and followed in 1993. It bills itself as an international review of ceramic production and manufacturing technology for both traditional and advanced ceramics. It contains less advertising than others of this type, and is organized into articles credited to people who one assumes to be experts. Articles overview modern industry methods and try to predict future trends and are targeted toward the techncian, not the equipment and material buyer. Articles in the publication have been a real eye opener for me on a number of things.

Australian Ceramic Society Newsletter

The Editor
Australian Ceramic Society Newsletter, c/o The University of Technology
Department of Materials Sciences, Sydney, P.O. Box 123
Broadway, NSW 2007 Australia

A bulletin to members of the Australian Ceramic Society.

By Tony Hansen

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