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List of 24 Ceramic Publication by Digitalfire

  • American Glass Review (no website), Clifton, NJ USA
    A long time publication that features an annual Glass Factory Directory Issue, China Glass & Tableware, Home Lighting & Accessories, Glass on Parade.
  • ART NEW ENGLAND Website, , Brighton, MA, USA
  • Arts & Activities Magazine Website, San Diego, CA, USA
    Whether you are a teacher in the schools, a director of an after-school program, or simply want to enrich your own children’s artistic lives at home, Arts & Activities® is the magazine for you. Check Arts & Activities® every month for classroom project ideas, lesson plans, product information, and the Clip & Save Art Print, plus much more.
  • Canadian Ceramics Website, Canada
    The official publication of the CCS which reviews the news and events of the Canadian Ceramic industry and the people within it. A subscription to this magazine is included in your membership, which is published 3 times per year. The Journal of the Canadian Ceramic Society is published three times per year as the refereed section of Canadian Ceramics.
  • centraldaceramica Website, Rubia Moraes, , Brasil
    The American Ceramic Society Bulletin was established in May 1922 to share solutions to manufacturing problems and to inform ACerS members about the activities of the Society.
  • Ceramic Industry Website, USA
    To serve as the exclusive global voice of ceramic manufacturing, promoting the interests, growth and progress of the ceramic, glass and brick industries by: offering practical, real-world solutions to manufacturing problems; providing up-to-date coverage of news, issues and trends; supplying a forum for information exchange; presenting information on the latest technological advancements; and providing our advertisers with access to an audited audience of qualified buyers.
  • CERAMIC REVIEW Website, , UK
    Ceramic Review is read around the world by potters, students, enthusiasts and collectors. Articles published are practical, technical and experiential, though we also welcome writings which are theoretical and look at the role of ceramics within contemporary culture.
  • Ceramica Industrial Website, Anselmo O. Boschi, , Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    AIM: To contribute to the update and improvement of the Brazilian ceramic technicians.
    The Ceramica Industrial is published by the Brazilian Ceramic Society and is supported by 32 institutions related to ceramic manufacture.
  • CERAMICS ART AND PERCEPTION Website, , Australia
    Ceramics: Art and Perception aims to set the standard as a dedicated magazine on ceramic art. With a total of 120 pages, it contains substantial articles and regular features on a broad range of ceramics related subjects with excellent colour photographs throughout. In 1995, a companion magazine, CeramicsTECHNICAL was launched. This magazine focuses on technical research in the field of ceramic art and is designed to be a useful tool for artists and potters.
  • Ceramics in Society Website, UK
    Subscribe to Ceramics in Society for a fresh independent view of creative ceramics in the UK. Subscribers receive all issues published during the current year. Following our recent re-launch in February 2003, instead of receiving 4 quarterly magazines, subscribers will be sent 4 different publications during the year, examining different ceramic topics.
    Founded in 1953, Ceramics Monthly is an internationally distributed magazine on ceramic art and craft. Each issue includes articles on potters and ceramics artists from throughout the world, exhibitions, and production processes, as well as critical commentary, book and video reviews, clay and glaze recipes, kiln designs and firing techniques, advice from experts in the field, and ads for available materials and equipment. While principally covering contemporary work, the magazine also looks back at influential artists and events from the past.
  • Chinese Clayart Email Newsletter Website
    Founded August 1999 "CHINESE CLAYART" is a newsletter emailed monthly to professional ceramic artists who want to know about ceramic art in China and things related.
  • CLAY TIMES Website, , USA
    Provides the worldwide ceramic community with informative, accurate, and timely coverge of clay news, events, and exhibits, while offering practical information on all aspects of the successful creation of clay art.
  • Claystation Conveyor Website, Andrew Clift, , Redlands, CA USA's newsletter conveying the latest news about the developement of the site, new articles, and new and noteworthy linked sites.
  • Fusion Magazine Website, Ontario, Canada
    FUSION Magazine, published three times each year, provides a wealth of informative articles and event listings for both the clay and glass community.
    It features artists' profiles, practical techniques, exhibition reviews, events calendars, calls for entry, grant information, photographs of recent works.
  • Kerameiki Techni Website,
    International ceramic art review.
  • KERAMIEK Website, , Netherlands
    Bimonthly Periodical "Keramiek"
    Magazine published by the dutch potters organization, professional ceramic artists, potters and designers organization.
  • Keramik Magazine Website, Germany
  • KLEI Website, , Woudenberg
    KLEI is a general ceramics magazine, aimed at the Dutch and Flemish audience.
  • Materials World Website, , London, UK
    The journal for plastics, metals, composites, rubber, polymers, ceramics, science and technology.
  • NEUE KERAMIK Website, Germany
  • Pottery Making Illustrated Website, USA
    Pottery Making Illustrated is a magazine just for potters - amateur or professional, student or teacher. Each issue contains well-illustrated, easy-to-understand information on handbuilding, throwing, glazing and firing techniques, as well as step-by-step projects and information on tools, equipment and saftey!
  • Studio Potter Website, US
    Studio Potter began its life in 1972 when two publications were pre-eminent in their fields: Ceramics Monthly and Craft Horizons. Our perception was that they covered schools and galleries but not working potters. Our conceit was that a new publication by and for potters could fill that need.

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