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List of 14 Ceramic Organization by Digitalfire

  • Alliance of Pottery Artist's Worldwide Association Website, Ti Phillips, , Oklahoma
    Alliance of Pottery Artists Worldwide Association is a collection of pottery artists from around the world, novice and advanced, known and the unknown. All having one thing in common, the love of the clay body.

    Here you will find the most underlying foundation of humanities being. The need to create art. Artist's display their works, share their acomplishments and offer you an opportunity to view some of their most creative pottery.

    Membership is open to all potter's worldwide.
  • Clay Artists of the Southeast Website, Charles DeLoach, , Augusta, GA USA area
    Promote clay art through education and fellowship.
  • Danish Ceramic Society Website, Karsten Sørensen, , Denmark
    Exchange of information, meeting
  • FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association Website, , 1444 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario M4L 1E1
  • Italian Ceramic Society Website, Italy
    The society sponsors Technargila, a ceramics conference held every two years, to provide opportunity for the European Ceramic Society, Research organizations, CERMAT, etc. to come together in a very large international show.
  • Laboratorio de Revestimentos Ceramicos - LaRC Website, Anselmo O. Boschi,
    Ceramic Tiles Laboratory (Laboratorio de Revestimentos Ceramicos (LaRC)- Develop research on all subjects related to ceramic tiles. A large part of the research are conducted in close collaboration with industries operating in Brazil, mainly linked to ceramic tiles producers and related materials.
    We also publish a technical magazine with the Brazilian Ceramic Society called Ceramica Industrial. The content of the Ceramica Industrial can be acessed through our site
  • N.C.E.C.A. Website, , USA
    The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts is a professional organization of individuals whose interests, talents, or careers are primarily focused on the ceramic arts. It became an independent organization in 1967 after several years of affiliation with the Ceramics Education Council of the American Ceramic Society.
  • National Assoc for Ceramics in Higher Education Website,
    To promote the work of UK ceramic courses and their graduates.
    Members come from the teaching staff in Universities and other higher education institutions.
    Meetings are held at member institutions throughout the UK.
  • NVK, Nederlandse Vakgroep Keramisten (Dutch Cerami Website, , Netherlands
    The NVK (Dutch Ceramists Association) is an organization run by and looking after the interests of professional artists and designers working with ceramics.
    The NVK engages in looking after the material and im material interests of their members (over 400) vis a vis the government, the business community and the public at large.
  • Putik Association of Philippine Potters Website, Aleister Cruz, , Makati City, Philippines
    We are potters who foster the continued development of pottery in the Philippines aimed at raising Philippine Pottery’s image in the global community.
  • The American Ceramic Society Website, USA
  • The Canadian Ceramic Society Website, Canada
    The Canadian Ceramic Society provides information exchange for career and business advancement to individuals and organizations who are, or ascribe to be involved in research, development, manufacturing and application of ceramic materials.
  • The Craft Potters Society of Ireland Website,
    Information on what is happening with ceramic arts in Ireland.
  • The Turkish Ceramic Society Website, Gavril Kovacs, , Izmir - Turkey
    Information on what is happening with ceramic arts in Turkey.

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