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Learn glaze
chemistry &

Conquer the Glaze Dragon With INSIGHT Ceramic Chemistry Software

There is a direct relationship between the way ceramic glazes fire and their chemistry. Insight is a calculation tool anyone can use to learn and harness the power of ceramic chemistry.

  • Fix problems like crazing, blistering, pinholing, settling, gelling, clouding, leaching, crawling, marking, scratching, powdering.
  • Substitute frits or incorporate better, cheaper materials, replace no-longer-available ones (all while maintaining the same chemistry).
  • Adjust melting temperature, gloss, surface character, color.
  • Identify weaknesses in glazes to avoid problems.
  • Create and optimize base glazes to work with difficult colors or stains and for special effects dependent on opacification, crystallization or variegation.
  • Create glazes from scratch and use your own native materials in the highest possible percentage.

Without ceramic chemistry you'll never really have control and you could be a slave to your suppliers or the trafficing in recipes that never work.

A desktop application for Windows, Linux, Macintosh that you download and install.

  • Insight is a classic ceramic chemistry calculator
    It interactively converts recipes to formulas and back. The main Insight window shows side-by-side recipes and their formulas, you can make chemistry changes to one while comparing it with the other.
  • Insight is also a library and a teacher
    It puts at your fingertips a huge amount of information to help you learn the principles of ceramic chemistry and it teaches you how to adjust, fix and formulate glazes.
  • It is a database
    You can store all your recipes, picture, material information where you can easily find it.
  • It is a problem solver
    Using our videos, instructional and reference materials and our personal help you can solve problems like crazing, leaching, crawling, pinholing, blistering, etc.

Insight was first released in 1979 and has been used world wide since. It is an excellent teaching tool for demonstrating the principles of formula/analysis/unity, limit formulas, LOI, and material-oxide relationships.

Learning INSIGHT

It is simple: Click Video Tutorials (above left) to learn to use INSIGHT and to formulate, fix and adjust glazes at the same time. The videos will play on any standard PC with Flash installed, but they will also play on iOS, Android or any device that can play a 640x480 mp4 file.


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Feature Comparison

Click links below for more information. References to refer to online version, it is a separate product.
Desktop INSIGHT Version
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OnLine Version
Level 1
Level 2
Site License
From 3¢/day
Multi-Platform: [Windows] [OSX] [OS9] [Linux] +SmartPhones/Tablets
Works on Cloud Drives Lives in the cloud!
Download privileges expire in 2 months 3 years 4 years 5 years Nothing to download
Continues to run after expiry Read-only
Ceramic chemistry calculation Interactive Interactive Interactive Interactive Passive
Integrates with Digitalfire Reference Library
Maintain materials database as Excel CSV It is a database
Free copy of 4Sight Ceramic Database Does what 4Sight did
Install on many computers for use by many people Has group accounts
Insight-Live account included for duration of key not applicable
Account to administer a group on not applicable
Support for units-of-measure, firing schedules, projects, recipe variations, inter-recipe linking, reference materials and recipes
Unlimited materials, recipes
Physical testing data management
Picture searching, management
Advanced searching, import/export
Side-by-side recipes 2 2 2 2 Unlimited
Side-by-side recipes and materials Unlimited
Features evolve automatically, automatic backup, secure, works on any device with a browser and internet

What People Are Saying

  • Now that I have purchased the software, I am finding all of this information and so many of my questions are being answered as I watch and digest the videos you made. Let me just say that what you have provided is amazing - and the way you provide the information is so digestible even for someone like me who has absolutely no understanding chemistry or what is involved in making glazes. I understand so much more, I can't even believe that I got a grasp of the Batch & Formula recipe sections on the videos. I will be working the lessons plans you provide too to become better at this. The software provides a lot more than meets the eye.... INSIGHT is worth every penny!
  • I participated in a workshop with .. when he was talking about glazes and demonstrating his techniques, I steeled myself to ask him if he worries about the functionality of his glazes. I figured everyone would laugh at me for bringing up such a subject, but I felt like it should at least be said, given the amount of young student potters in the group if nothing else. As expected he said he didn't worry about that. High fired glazes shouldn't pose any problems, was what he said. "Why is that?", I asked, "Is it because they are fired to such high temperatures that you don't worry?" He said it was. I want you to know that this is all a big challenge for me. But I'm determined to give it a good shot .. this is all a big challenge for me. But I'm determined to give it a good shot.
  • I was very pleased with myself that I could take your instructions, and sit down with the computer, and end up with a glaze that is very pleasing and reliable with many colors.
  • Thanks - great software use it and recommend it all the time!
  • The current problems that prompted me to look for software are not exotic. Cornwall stone is $84 USD, G-200 is $14, so how much of what can we substitute to convert our favorite matt blue ^10 glaze? Why do some glazes craze sometimes and not others? Besides that I find the chemistry fascinating. We have recipes that work very well. I'd like to understand why. The math I find tedious; I did similar analysis for a course on ruminant nutrition, solving for protein, energy, calcium and potassium. Insight will allow me to explore the chemistry without spending so much time on the calculations.
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