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Density (Specific Gravity) - DENS

This test procedure was employed in the Foresight Ceramic Database and now is available for those having an account at Insight-Live.com. Accumulating test data using the variables defined in these procedures enables us to create tools that enable you to compare the physical properties of materials and recipes.


This is the density of the actual mineral solid, not the weight of the bulk material powder. This is obvious if this value is being quoted for a mineral but can be confusing if it is for a powder. Thus the density of a powdered mineral is actually referring to the average specific gravity of the tiny particles making up that powder.

A third kind of density is the apparent density of a dried or fired ceramic body (which of course often contains many air pockets). The LDW test has more information on measuring the density of a dry ceramic bar.

ASTM C-128


VAL - Value (V)

The specific gravity of the solid itself (not the powder).

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