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Learn about the contents of the INSIGHT MDT files on these pages. To visit your personal MDT building page click here ( you can also click the Download MDT link at the top of the INSIGHT page).

INSIGHT ceramic chemistry software program from Digitalfire maintains chemistry data for ceramic materials in an XML database file that it loads into memory at startup. These files are called MDT files (Materials Definition Table files). The one included with INSIGHT contains about 250 materials (INSIGHT supports a maximum of 500). It includes generic materials plus popular name brand materials, mostly from North America. Following are some factors that determine why certain materials have been excluded:

-A minimal number of colorants are included for several reasons. First, much less in known about how they affect chemistry and fired properties (like thermal expansion) so cluttering up formulas with them impedes study of the relationship of the base glaze with fired results. Second, since they are normally added to glazes in percentages necessary to achieve specific colors regardless of chemistry, their amounts in the chemistry is often meaningless in this regard. Third, including alot of colorants in a materials database greatly increases the number of oxide columns, these unnecessary columns clog reports and list boxes.

-Some opacifiers are not included for several reasons: First, like colorants, the weight percentage needed to opacify recipes to the desired degree is well known and fine-tuned by experience regardless of what chemistry calculations might indicate. Second, although we do have a thermal expansion value for zircon (but not for tin oxide) it is difficult to say how meaningful it is in calculating the thermal expansion it imposes since it does not disassociate and interact in the melt as do the other oxides.
Third, opacifiers like zircon impose certain properties, like glaze toughness, on the recipe level because they do not dissolve in the melt (they are simply hard and resistant to abrasion).

-Materials like binders are normally organic and completely burned away during firing so they have no impact on chemistry and are therefore no included.

It is important to remember that just because a material cannot be found in INSIGHT's local database, this does not mean it cannot be entered into recipes. Any material can be entered, ones which it cannot find simply do not impact the calculated formula.

You can add your own materials in several ways (discussed below), so you are free to handle the database the way you like if you do not agree with the above logic. There is one circumstance where you might want to add more materials to your database. INSIGHT needs a cost for each material in order to accurately calculate the cost of a recipe. Thus, you can add materials and specify only the cost, it is not necessary to include the chemistry. Another alternative is to use the INSIGHT Overrides and Typecodes dialog to enter all your materials and costs.

It is possible to edit and maintain the MDT file provided with INSIGHT using the materials and oxides dialog the program supplies (the files store material chemistry as formulas). It is also possible to maintain an MDT file externally in a CSV file using Microsoft Excel (INSIGHT can also read the CSV format). CSV files store material chemistry as analyses. There is a video on the Digitalfire website on how to do this.

However the Digitalfire website has an MDT download page (for logged in level 2 INSIGHT users) where you can maintain your own custom MDT by choosing an existing starter and adding materials from the thousands defined on the site. The site also stores material chemistry data by weight (analyses) rather than by molecule numbers (formulas). Material data is available for generic materials as well as name brand derivatives of them. You can rename materials (to translate to another language or to use the chemistry from one material under another name). There is a search tool to find materials by name, type or chemistry. The first step to compile the content of an MDT is to select a starter MDT. Ones are available for different areas of the world as well as specific industries or disciplines. After deciding what materials to add or rename you click to compile the file, then click to download it and put it into your documents/insight folder where INSIGHT can see it. The MDT download page has instructions and a link to a video on how to do it.

The chart below marks generic materials, these are materials that do not have a specific manufacturer, they are universal in the ceramics industry, they have theoretical formulas. It is evident from the chart that some MDTs need to have more materials added. It is true that you can add any materials you want to your custom MDT, however we want to have an optimized starter list for each. If you would like to suggest any additions to a default list please contact us.

The article 'Be Careful When Altering the Materials Database in Insight' (link below) has more information on this.

By Tony Hansen

See Also

Material (*Generic)
#1 Q-Rok     X       
1048 Frit     X       
A-3 Feldspar   X      X  
ABC Colemanite  X      XX  
Ajax P Kaolin          X  
Albany Slip  XX     XXX 
Alberta Slip   X      XX 
Alberta Slip Calcined          X  
Alkaliborsilikat F 37025     X       
Alkatrol          XX 
Alumina Hydrate*XXXX X XXXXXX
Amblygonite   X         
Amtalc-C98          X  
Andafrac          X  
Anhydrous Borax*XXXX X XXXXXX
Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate*    X  X     
Antimony Oxide*    X  X     
APG Missouri Fireclay          XX 
Applewood AshXXX  X  XXX  
Arcano Kaolin  X      X   
Arcilla Club de Cazadores (Cuba)        X    
Arcilla de Pontezuelo (Cuba)        X    
Arcilla Revolucion I (Cuba)        X    
Arcilla Revolucion II (Cuba)        X    
Arcilla Revolucion III (Cuba)        X    
Arsenic Oxide*       X     
Australian SpodumeneXXXX X  XXXX 
Ball Clay FX (CA1)  X          
Ball Clay R  X          
Barium Carbonate*XXXX X XXXXXX
Barium Sulfate*    X  X     
Barnard Slip          XX 
Barro Ovas (Cuba)        X    
Basalt            X
Bayer Frit J-239-P   X         
Bell Dark Ball Clay          XX 
Bell Feldspar          X  
Bentolite L   X      X  
Bentone EW   X         
Bentone MA   X       X 
Bentonite*XXXX X  XXXXX
Bentonite NZ14  X      X   
Blyth Frit 3104          XX 
Bonding Clay          X  
Bone Ash Calcined*            X
Boraq  X      XX  
Boraq 2  X      XX  
Boraq 3  X      XX  
Borax Decahydrate*XXXX X XXXX X
Borax Pentahydrate*XXXX X XXXX X
Boric Oxide*XXX  X  XXX  
BPS Calcium Borate Frit            X
BPS Cornish Stone            X
BPS Feldspar            X
BPS High Alkaline Frit            X
BPS Lead Bisilicate            X
BPS Low Expansion Frit            X
BPS Soda Feldspar            X
BPS Standard Borax Frit            X
Buckingham Feldspar   X         
C & C Ball Clay          XX 
Cadmium Sulfide*    X  X     
CadycalXX   X  X XX 
Calcined Alumina*XXXX X XXXXXX
Calcined Kaolin*XXX  X XXXX X
Calcium Borate*XXX  X  XXX X
Calcium Carbonate*XXXX X XXXXXX
Calcium Carbonate E-5-1P  X      X   
Calcium Feldspar*XXX XX XXXX X
Calvert Clay          X  
Camadil 95 Dolomite          X  
Caolín Blanco (Cuba)        X    
Caolín Damanueco (Cuba)        X    
Caolín Gris (Cuba)        X    
Caolín Mantua (Cuba)        X    
Caolín Santa Elena (Cuba)        X    
Cape Cross BentoniteX            
Carbondale Clay          XX 
Cedar Heights Fireclay          X  
Cendre d'os     X       
Cendre de bois dur ou de chêne     X       
Cendre de lavande     X       
Ceradel Frit 3110     X       
Ceradel Frit 3134     X       
Ceradel Frit 3195     X       
Ceradel Frit C 1249     X       
Ceradel Frit C 1250     X       
Ceradel Frit C 1251     X       
Ceradel Frit C 1252     X       
Ceradel Frit C 1253     X       
Ceradel Frit C 1254     X       
Ceradel Frit C 1255     X       
Ceradel Frit C 1256     X       
Ceram BBR clay  X          
Ceramic Rutile*XXXXXX XXXXXX
Ceramitalc   X      X  
CF Kaolin     X       
Champion-Challenger          X  
Cherry Ash*XX   X  X XX 
Chesterfield Feldspar          X  
China Stone O-606aP  X      X   
Chrome Oxide*XXXXX  XXXX  
Chromium Trioxide*    X  X     
Ciego de Avila (Cuba)        X    
Clay 215 X           
Clay 216 X           
Clay 220 X           
Clay 220 X           
Clay 222 X           
Clay 232 X           
Clay 233 X           
Clay 244 X           
Clay 246 X           
Clay 261 X           
ClayCeram Ball Clay  X      X   
CMC Gum  X      XX  
Coal Ash     X       
Cobalt Carbonate*XXXXXX XXXX  
Cobalt Oxide*XXXXX  XXXX  
Colemanite*XXXX X  XXXXX
Colorobia Frit F4     X       
Colorobia Frit F5     X       
COOL ICE  X      X   
Copper Carbonate*XXXXX  XXXX  
Copper Carbonate Basic*  XXX  X X   
Copper Oxide Black*XXXXX  XXXX  
Copper Oxide Red*   XX  X  X  
Cornwall Stone*XXXX X  XXXXX
Cristobalite     X       
Custer FeldsparXX X X  X XX 
D'Arvor Kaolin     X       
Degussa Frit 15098   X         
Degussa Frit 90001     X       
Degussa Frit 90016     X       
Degussa Frit 90062     X       
Degussa Frit 90142     X       
Degussa Frit 90155     X       
Degussa Frit 90158   X X       
Degussa Frit 90167     X       
Degussa Frit 90176   X X       
Degussa Frit 90187   X X       
Degussa Frit 90191   X X       
Degussa Frit 90198     X       
Degussa Frit 90205   X X       
Degussa Frit 90208   X X       
Degussa Frit 90208M   X X       
Degussa Frit 90226     X       
Degussa Frit 90242     X       
Degussa Frit 90321     X       
Degussa Frit 90328     X       
Degussa Frit 90352     X       
Degussa Frit 90368     X       
Degussa Frit 90378   X X       
Degussa Frit 90420M   X         
Delmonte Feldspar   X         
DF Cornwall StoneXX   X  X X  
Diamond Kaolin          X  
Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate*  X      X   
Eckaglass Kaolin  X          
Eckalite Kaolin  X          
English Kaolin*XXX  X  XXX X
EP KaolinXX X X  X XX 
Erbium Oxide   X         
Esan Feldspar     X       
Eucalyptus Ash  X      X   
Eureka Feldspar   X      X  
F-2 Ball Clay          XX 
F-20 Feldspar        X X  
F-4 FeldsparXXXX X  XXXX 
F7 Feldspar     X       
F7/SE Feldspar     X       
F7/SG Feldspar     X       
Feldspar 632 X           
Feldspar 635 X           
Feldspar 645 X           
Feldspar 661 X           
Feldspar Holguín (Cuba)        X    
Feldspar Las Bocas (Cuba)        X    
Feldspar P. Tuerto (Cuba)        X    
Feldspath ICE 10     X       
Ferro Frit 271D  X      X   
Ferro Frit 3110XXXX X  XXXX 
Ferro Frit 3124XXXX X  XXXX 
Ferro Frit 3134XXXX X  XXXX 
Ferro Frit 3185  X      XXX 
Ferro Frit 3191  X      XXX 
Ferro Frit 3195XXXX X  XXXX 
Ferro Frit 3211  X      XX  
Ferro Frit 3227  X      XXX 
Ferro Frit 3249 XX  X  XXXX 
Ferro Frit 3269  X      XXX 
Ferro Frit 3278  X      XXX 
Ferro Frit 3289  X      XXX 
Ferro Frit 3292  XX     XXX 
Ferro Frit 3293   X         
Ferro Frit 3300  X      XX  
Ferro Frit 3304  X      XX  
Ferro Frit 3327  X      XX  
Ferro Frit 3419  X      XX  
Ferro Frit 3467  X      XX  
Ferro Frit 3481  X      XX  
Ferro Frit 349  X      XX  
Ferro Frit 3498          X  
Ferro Frit 3602  X      XXX 
Ferro Frit 4049  X      X   
Ferro Frit 4064  X      X   
Ferro Frit 4101  X      X   
Ferro Frit 4108  X      X   
Ferro Frit 4110  XX     X   
Ferro Frit 4113  X      X   
Ferro Frit 4124  X      X   
Ferro Frit 4125  X      X   
Ferro Frit 4144  X      X   
Ferro Frit 4193  X      X   
Ferro Frit 5301  X      XXX 
Ferro Frit 9146  X      X   
Ferro Frit CC-257          XX 
Ferro Frit CE VTR 29     X       
Ferro Frit DA4193  X      X   
FFF Feldspar     X      X
FHC           X 
FinnTalc     X       
FK45 Feldspar     X       
Flint*     X       
Float Glass  X      X   
FM6 Feldspar     X       
FN Feldspar     X       
Foote Spodumene           X 
Forshammer Feldspar            X
Frit 1047     X       
Frit 3069P     X       
Frit 439           X 
Frit 6004     X       
Frit A 1561     X       
Frit A 2010     X       
Frit A 2120     X       
Frit A 2912     X       
Frit A 3021     X       
Frit A 3032     X       
Frit A 3069     X       
Frit A 3128     X       
Frit A 3129     X       
Frit A 3158     X       
Frit A 3323     X       
Frit A 3334     X       
Frit A 3360     X       
Frit A 3363     X       
Frit A 3364     X       
Frit A 3367     X       
Frit A 3368     X       
Frit A 3382     X       
Frit A 3383     X       
Frit A 4015     X       
Frit A 4018     X       
Frit A 4040     X       
Frit A 4043     X       
Frit A 62     X       
Frit A 8962     X       
Frit A3249/p     X       
Frit B300          X  
Frit FNO 143     X       
Frit J     X       
Frit NR 2     X       
Frit P2953            X
Frit P2954  X      XXXX
Frit P2955            X
Frit P2957            X
Frit P2960            X
Frit P2961            X
Frit P2962            X
Frit P2963            X
Frit P3110            X
Frit P3124            X
Frit P3134            X
Frit P3195            X
Frit RCG 2430          XX 
Frit VO 6079     X       
Frit VO 6086     X       
Frit VO 6104     X       
Frit VO 6134     X       
Frit VO 6147     X       
Frit VO 6160     X       
Frit VO 6170     X       
Frit VO 6200     X       
Frit VO 6205     X       
Frit VO 6253     X       
Frit VO 6255     X       
Frit VO 6257     X       
Frit VO 6259     X       
Frit VO 6270     X       
Fusion Frit 413   X         
Fusion Frit 435   X         
Fusion Frit F-12          XX 
Fusion Frit F-13          X  
Fusion Frit F-134          XX 
Fusion Frit F-18          XX 
Fusion Frit F-19          XX 
Fusion Frit F-2          XX 
Fusion Frit F-280          XX 
Fusion Frit F-309        X XX 
Fusion Frit F-34          X  
Fusion Frit F-38          XX 
Fusion Frit F-403          X  
Fusion Frit F-493          X  
Fusion Frit F-524          X  
Fusion Frit F-60          XX 
Fusion Frit F-69          X  
Fusion Frit F-75   X      XX 
Fusion Frit F644   X      X  
Fusion Frit FZ-14          X  
Fusion Frit FZ-16          X  
Fusion Frit FZ-25          XX 
Fusion Frit FZ-376A          X  
Fusion Frit FZ-583   X         
Fusion Frit FZ-647   X         
G-200 EU Feldspar          X  
G-200 Feldspar   X    X XX 
G200 HP Feldspar          X  
G200 Old Blend Feldspar          X  
General Frit GF-106   X      X  
General Frit GF-111          X  
General Frit GF-113          X  
General Frit GF-115          X  
General Frit GF-134          X  
General Frit GF-136           X 
Gers Borate 9/97           X 
Gerstley Bor (99)           X 
Gerstley BorateXXXX X  XXX  
Gillespie Borate          XX 
GK 129 Bentonite          X  
Glacier 200 Talc          X  
Glass CulletXXX  X  XXX  
Glass Sand*    X  X     
Gleason Ball Clay          X  
Glomax LL Calcined Kaolin   X      X  
Gold Chloride*       X     
Goldart          XX 
Grade C Kaolin     X       
Grolleg KaolinXXXX X  XXXX 
Gunheath Kaolin     X    X  
H19 Frit     X       
Hardwood AshXXX  X  XXX  
Hawthorne Bond          XX 
Hectalite 200XXX  X  XXX  
Hectalite GM          X  
Helmer Kaolin          XX 
Heraeus Schauer Frit K 1325   X         
Heraeus Schauer Frit K 1562   X         
Heraeus Schauer Frit K 3066   X         
Hommel Frit 13          X  
Hommel Frit 14          X  
Hommel Frit 22          X  
Hommel Frit 240          X  
Hommel Frit 266          X  
Hommel Frit 267          X  
Hommel Frit 285          X  
Hommel Frit 316  X      X   
Hydrated Lime*       X     
Hymod AT Ball Clay            X
Hyplas 64 Ball Clay  X      XXX 
Hyplas 71 Ball Clay            X
Ilmenite*   X        X
Imco 400 Fireclay  X      XXX 
IMCO Borate          X  
Iron Chromate   X         
Iron Oxide Black*XXXXXX XXXX  
Iron Oxide Red*XXXX X  XXXXX
Iron Oxide Yellow*   X        X
Jackson Ball Clay          XX 
James Bay Stn Kaolin           X 
Jasper Slip          X  
JB Kaolin           X 
Johnson Matthey Frit 169      X       
Johnson Matthey Frit 623     X       
Jordan Fireclay          XX 
K-200 Feldspar          X  
K&T Special          X  
Kali Feldspar     X       
Kaolin 111 X           
Kaolin 113 X           
Kaolin 114 X           
Kaolin 115 X           
Kaolin 143 X           
Kaolin 151 X           
Kaolin 171 X           
Kaolin A     X       
Kaolin G1  X      X   
Kaolin SP     X       
Kaopaque 20 Kaolin          XX 
KARIBIB DolomiteX            
Kentucky Stone          XX 
Kingman Feldspar   X      XX 
KM71 Feldspar     X       
KMS Kaolin           X 
KR-LYK-70 KAOLIN  X      X   
KRJD 1#  X      X   
KRSL 6#  X      X   
KT #1-4 Ball Clay          XX 
KT-Cast Kaolin           X 
KTS-2 Ball Clay          XX 
Kurts Corn Stn           X 
KY Special          X  
Laguna Borate          XX 
Lead Bisilicate Frit*XXXX X  XXX X
Lead Carbonate*XXX XX XXXX X
Lead Monosilicate Frit*   X        X
Lepidolite*XXXX X  XXX X
Lepidolite*           X 
Light Magnesium Carbonate*XXX  X  XXX X
Limestone  X  X   XX  
Litharge*XXX XX XXXX X
Lithium Carbonate*XXXXXX XXXXXX
Lithium Mica 608  X      X   
LithosparXXX  X  XXX  
Lizella Clay           X 
Low Melt Spodumene           X 
Luzenac Talc 00S     X       
M-23 Ball Clay           X 
M-44 Ball Clay           X 
M&D Ball Clay          XX 
M74 Feldspar     X       
Mahavir Potash Feldspar        X X  
Manganese Carbonate*XXXX X  XXX X
Manganese Dioxide*XXXXXX XXXXXX
Mastercast Kaolin          X  
Masterfil Kaolin          X  
Masterfloat Kaolin          X  
Matthey Frit 3701F     X       
Maxum Feldspar     X       
MC 200K Feldspar          X  
MCS           X 
Mica - musc           X 
Minspar 200          XX 
MOK 3 Borax frit     X       
Molochite  XX X     X 
Molybdenum Disulfide   X         
Molybdenum Trioxide   X         
Mondre and Manz Frit 1233   X X       
Mondre and Manz Frit 4067   X         
Mt. St. Helens Ash  X      X   
Mullite*XXX  X  XXXXX
Murrays Borate  X      XX  
Natron Feldspar     X       
Navajo Pumice  X      XX  
NC-4 Feldspar   X      XX 
Neodymium Oxide   X         
Nepheline Syenite*XXXX X  XXXXX
Nepheline Syenite A270  X  X   XX  
Nepheline Syenite Norwegian   X X      X
New FHC           X 
Newman Red Clay          XX 
Nickel Carbonate*XXXX X  XXXX 
Nickel Oxide Black*   XX  X     
Nickel Oxide Green*   X         
No. 1 Glaze Ball Clay          XX 
No. 5 Ball Clay          X  
Noor AlbiteXX           
Noor HematiteXX           
Noor TalcXX           
Norfloat Feldspar   X X     X 
NP Blend Ball Clay          X  
Nytal Talc  XX     XX  
Oakwood Ash          X  
Ochre           X 
Ohio Slip          X  
Old Hick #56SR           X 
Old Hickory FC340 Ball Clay          X  
Oldenwalder Clay     X       
OM #4 Ball Clay   X    X XX 
Opeal OP-2  X      X   
optiKast Kaolin          XX 
Oxford Feldspar   X      X  
P29 Frit     X       
P30 Quartz     X       
P4 Quartz     X       
P8 Quartz     X       
Pearl Ash*   XX  X     
Pearl Ash Calcined*XXX  X  XXX  
Pegmatite     X       
Pemco Frit P-25   X      XX 
Pemco Frit P-283   X         
Pemco Frit P-311          X  
Pemco Frit P-3T355           X 
Pemco Frit P-54          X  
Pemco Frit P-67          X  
Pemco Frit P-83          X  
Pemco Frit P-926          X  
Pemco Frit Pb-316          X  
Peptapon     X       
Petalite*XXX  X  XXXXX
Pine Wood AshXXX  X  XXX  
Pioneer 2661 Talc          XX 
Pioneer Kaolin X X X  X XX 
Pot Spar B-801P2  X      X   
Potassium Carbonate Trihydrate*    X  X     
Potassium Chromate*    X  X     
Potassium Dichromate*    X  X     
Potassium Nitrate*    X  X     
Potclays Frit 2261            X
Potclays Frit 2262     X      X
Potclays Frit 2263     X      X
Potclays Frit 2265            X
Potclays Frit 2266            X
Potclays Frit 2268  X  X   X  X
Potclays Frit 2269            X
Potclays Frit 2270     X      X
Potclays Frit 2272            X
Potclays Frit 2273            X
Potclays Frit 2275     X      X
Potclays Frit 2279     X      X
Potclays Frit 2281     X      X
Praseodymium Oxide   X         
Premium China Clay  X      X   
Premium Feldspar           X 
Prestige AK X   X       
Puraflo 50 Kaolin            X
PuraFlow AK Ball Clay            X
PuraFlow WB Ball Clay            X
PV Clay          XX 
Pyrax HS           X 
Pyrax Pyrophyllite  X      XX  
Pyrofrac  X      XX  
Pyrophyl          X  
Pyrophyl R-1403  X      X   
Pyrophyllite*XXX  X  XXX X
Pyrophyllite PPRG53  X      X   
Pyrotrol  X      XXX 
Quartz 741 X           
Quartz 761 X           
Quartz 762 X           
Quicklime*       X     
R76 Frit     X       
Rampant BB Kaolin  X      X   
Ravenscrag Slip          X  
RC10 Vitreous     X       
RC4 Vitreous     X       
Redart  XX    XXXX 
Redearth  X      XXX 
Redstone           X 
Rice Husk AshXX      X    
Rice Straw AshXX      X    
Roseville Clay           X 
Rutile*XXX  X  XXXXX
Ryolite S1     X       
S-3 Ball Clay          XX 
Sable de Fontainebleau     X       
Sagger XX Ball Clay          XX 
Salt Lick           X 
Sandblend 75 Ball Clay  X      X   
Sapphire Kaolin           X 
Selenium    X  X     
Sericite  X      X   
Seriphyl          X  
Sheffield Clay           X 
SHOKOLAD Clay     X       
Sil-o-spar          X  
Silica Arimao (Cuba)        X    
Silica D/Golpe (Cuba)        X    
Silica De Mármol (Cuba)        X    
Silica El Cobre (Cuba)        X    
Silica Santa Barbara (Cuba)        X    
Silica Sierra Cristal (Cuba)        X    
Silica Teresa (Cuba)        X    
Silver Chloride   X         
Silver Nitrate   XX  X     
Silver Phosphate   X         
Sledge Ball Clay          X  
Snobrite Kaolin  X      XX  
Snocal 707 Kaolin           X 
Soda Feldspar*XXX XXXXXXX X
Soda Feldspar Z-507-P2  X      X   
Sodium Carbonate*XXXXXX XXXXXX
Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate*XXX XX XXXX X
Sodium Carbonate Heptahydrate*    X  X    X
Sodium Fluosilicate*    X  X     
Sodium Nitrate*    X  X     
Sodium Silicate*     X       
Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate    X  X     
Sodium Tripolyphosphate    X  X     
Soft Wood AshXXX  X  XXX  
Solargil Frit FR1     X       
Solargil Frit FR10     X       
Solargil Frit FR11     X       
Solargil Frit FR2     X       
Solargil Frit FR3     X       
Solargil Frit FR4     X       
Solargil Frit FR5     X       
Solargil Frit FR6     X       
Solargil Frit FR7     X       
Solargil Frit FR8     X       
Solargil Frit FR9     X       
SP-G Feldspar          X  
Spinks Blend Ball          X  
Spluga Talc     X       
Spodumene Concentrate           X 
Standard Porcelain KaolinXXX  X  XXXXX
Steetley Feldspar  X      X   
Strontium Carbonate*XXXX X  XXXXX
Super Standard PorcelainXXX  X  XXX X
Superlite MP  X      X   
Superpax  X      XX  
Suzorite 325-PE          X  
Synthetic Ash           X 
TA Ball Clay     X       
Talc 2C     X       
Talc B-4-33P  X      X   
Tektamer 38 Biocide  X      XX  
Tennessee #1 SGP          XX 
Tennessee #10 Ball Clay          XX 
Tennessee #5 Ball          X  
Tennessee #9 Ball Clay           X 
Texas Talc 286           X 
Texas Talc 92           X 
Thomas Ball Clay           X 
TI-21 Ball Clay          XX 
Tile #6 KaolinXX X X  X XX 
Titanium Dioxide*XXXX X  XXX X
Treviscoe Kaolin            X
Tricalcium Phosphate*XXX  X  XXX X
Trisodium Phosphate*     X       
Trisodium Phosphate Hydrous*     X       
Tungsten Sulfide   X         
Tungsten Trioxide   X         
Turkish ColemaniteXXX  X  XXX  
Turkish UlexiteXXX  X  XXX  
TWVD Ball Clay     X       
Ulexite*XXX  X  XXXXX
Ultrox  X      XX  
Unimin Potash Feldspar 300#  X      X   
Unimin Soda Feldspar  X      X   
Uranium Oxide*   X         
Uranyl Nitrate*   X         
USAKOS WollastoniteX            
Vanadium Pentoxide*   XX  X     
Vansil W-30 Wollastonite          X  
VanTalc   X      X  
Veegum  XX     XX  
Velvacast Kaolin          XX 
Virginia Kyanite*  X      XX  
vol353cer Hectorite  X      XX  
Volcanic Ash*XXX  X  XXX X
Volcanic Ash           X 
VR16 Quartz     X       
VR4/MQ4 Quartz     X       
White Clay C-WC12  X      X   
WL Rhyolite           X 
Wollastonite*XXXX X  XXXXX
Wollastonite C-901P  X      X   
Wollastonite S-4  X      X   
Wood AshXX   X  X XX 
Yehu Clay     X       
Yellow Banks #101           X 
Yellow Ochre  XX     XX  
Zettlitzer Kaolin     X       
Zinc Carbonate*    X  X     
Zirconium Dioxide    X  X     
Zircopax  XX     XXX 

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