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Fara Shimbo Crystal Glaze Recipes


Fara Shimbo's crystal glazes book was published many years ago and our website resources have changed many times since then. Thus it can be now difficult to determine recipes in her book, this information should help. Her recipes use a numbering system that tells you the base glaze, the colorants and the firing schedule. The base recipes can be found on the recipe section of this site. Each is linked to this information.

Examples of notation: Page 97

1. Cuprous Oxide Combinations, Opaque Base Glaze
By itself, and w/ B1-3RC-E1

This means 3% red copper in glaze B1 (Bory 1) with schedule E1

2. Next is Mason 6006, B1-1.5RC1.5S66-E1

This is 1.5% red copper and 1.5% 6006 stain with schedule E1.

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