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•The secret to cool bodies and glazes is alot of testing.
•The secret to know what to test is material and chemistry knowledge.
•The secret to learning from testing is documentation.
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Refractory Ceramic Fibers

The Refractory Ceramic Fibers Coalition publishes information on the safe use of fiber as follows:

-Use engineering controls, such as local exhaust or dust collecting systems to minimize airborne dust.
-Use appropriate NIOSH/MSHA approved respirators to avoid breathing fiber particulates and dust
-Wear full body clothing, gloves, hat and eye protection.
-Clean up with high efficiency particulate air (hepa) filtered vacuum or wet sweeping.
-If you take work clothing home, it is recommended you vacuum your clothes with a HEPA filtered vacuum before leaving the work area.
-Wash work clothes separately from other clothing. Rinse washer after use.

Much more safety information is available on their website.

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