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A Digitalfire Ceramic Database and Information System

Are you an engineer or technician in traditional ceramics manufacturing (tile, whiteware, sanitaryware, tableware, insulator)? A good record keeping database is your number-one ally in product development and spotting irregularities before they become production problems and product rejects. Contact us to set up a dialog.

Digitalfire will install, customize and train you

Our approach is revolutionary and everything can be done remotely across the internet. Digitalfire is The Internet Ceramic Software Company and has been for 25 years. We are first and foremost, ceramic experts: We know materials, lab testing, forming methods, chemistry, etc.

We can help on a long term basis also:

  • Active ongoing roles in ceramic laboratory management
  • Database backup services
  • Security issues and advice
  • Conversion services for historical ceramic lab testing data
  • Problem solving and trouble-shooting software, lab, or production and product issues
  • Custom software features development (e.g. reports, creation of new laboratory test procedures)

This is our ceramic laborary and library database solution. It is ours so it can be changed in any way. It runs as a web server on an ordinary PC computer in your office, lab or on the internet. You interact with it using only a web browser to find, create, enter, edit and report lab physical testing and related information.

Technically, What is 4Sight?

It is a computer equipped with the Apache web server, MySQL database and the PHP language (on which our software is installed). It can run on Windows, Macintosh or Linux. 4SIGHT pages present a web-style interface and talk to the SQL engine to save and retrieve data. Digitalfire 4Sight is thus built on a 'open source' and solid proven platform.

The information database that you see in the Digitalfire Reference Library is created and maintained in 4Sight Server (it is actually generated by 4Sight Server). The administration part of 4Sight Server is completely different and the range to data maintained is much more extensive (the Reference Library is a subset of what 4Sight can maintain). Below you can see what the recipe and materials administration pages look like.

  Digitalfire FORESIGHT Ceramic Database and Quality Control Software from Digitalfire

What are your formulation, adjustment, quality control needs?

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Software Features

  • A stable foundation for ceramic laboratory record keeping, always there despite changes in personnel.
  • Since it runs as a web server it can be configured to be accessible from anywhere.
  • Easy-to-use web interface. Work station clients can be anything that runs a typical browser.
  • Built on the most robust open source software platform, does not contain any Microsoft code.
  • The software platform is built on very few layers, it is simple, it is will be supported by the internet community for many years to come.
  • Runs on modest PC hardware.
  • Can be operated wirelessly using Pocket WIFI equipped computers.
  • Infinitely customizable.
  • Lab project management and audit trail features.
  • Product of 25 years of Digitalfire database and ceramic software experience.
  • Rock-solid SQL database foundation for unlimited storage and high speed operation.
  • Runs on Linux, OSX or Windows.
  • Storage of recipe, materials, oxide, property, article, mineral, hazard, test procedure, test result, company, picture data in an inter-related manner that reflects real-world hierarchies.
  • Starter data from Digitalfire for materials, oxides, hazards, recipes, etc..
  • Can connect to a another site to generate dynamic content (e.g. data sheets).
  • Proven test procedures available for many types of lab tests of body and raw material tests.
  • Flexible report generation that can handle almost any graphical reporting task.
  • This is the kind of server Amazon or Ebay uses, it can also act as an E-mail gateway; a firewall, gateway and VPN; it can host web sites, acts as an FTP or SSH server.
Materials Area
Digitalfire FORESIGHT aterials page
Recipe Area
Digitalfire FORESIGHT recipe page
Other areas: Articles, hazards, glossary, minerals, oxides, people, pictures, properties, suppliers, temperatures, tests, units


View the 4Sight Brochure or Right-Click here to download in Windows, Control-Click here for Macintosh

Conquer New Dragons: Learn More

View the Instruction Manual or Right-Click here to download in Windows, Control-Click here for Macintosh

How to buy it?

4Sight is not sold as a software product at this time, it is part of a 'total solution'. Digitalfire will work will you to make it do what you want. Contact us, let's begin the process and talk about pricing. We will guide you on every step of the way.

Starting Lab Data Management Now

You can download the 4Sight for DOS application from the download page if you have a Level 2 INSIGHT key. We can help you get started setting up procedures for your testing and compiling data now. Then we can migrate you to 4Sight Server later.

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